Kathak Dancer

Masako Sato

Masako Sato started to learn Kathak Dance in 1995 from shmt. Malti Shyam, before, She has learnt Flamenco and Russian ballet for several years in Japan. After inspiring Kathak Mahotsav in India, she joined National Institute of Kathak Dance in 1996, and learned lucknow style of Kathak dance from Shmt. Malti Shyam and Pt. Jaikishan Maharaj, later from Padmavibushan Pt. Birju Maharaj in 1997. For her dedication towards the art, she was awarded an ICCR scholarship between 1999 and 2003 to learn Kathak dance under the guidance of Padmavibushan Pt.Birju Maharaj at Kalashram. She has participated in the many of the dance work choreographed by Pt. Birju Maharaj i.e. Vasantotsav, Kajuraho Festival etc., and the Kathak Ballet “Romeo & Juliet” choreographed by shmt. Saswati Sen, in Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai in 2003-2004, she got highly appreciation from the audience and media. She has given a number of solo and group performance in India and Japan, including “Shinwa ~the Japanese mythology~” at India-Japan The 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations, organized by the embassy of Japan. Back to Japan in 2005, she started her own school, Miyabi Kathak Dance Academy in Tokyo, she opened her dance studio at Kojimachi in 2008, just 10minutes walking from Indian Embassy in Tokyo, teaches the most beautiful style of Kathak, Kalka-Bindadin gharana of Luckhnow, which Guruji taught her, to the girls and boys living in Japan. She has performed in India, Japan, Mauritius, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China(Shanghai EXPO), France and USA. She is currently a member of Shinjuku Artist Society.

Miyabi Kathak Dance Academy

Kojimachi HT’s Bld. B1, 3-12-7, Kojimachi, Tokyo, Japan 102-0083 >> Google map


+81-03-6272-3473 (fax), 09086138509(Japan)


Kathak Class for beginners has just started on Tuesday morning, 11:00AM onwards.

For Beginners…Sunday 10:30AM~ /  Tuesday 11AM~ /  Wednesday 20:10PM~ /  Saturday 14PM~

Basic Class(1-4years) …..Sunday 11:45AM~ /  Tuesday 21:15PM~ /  Wednesday 19:00PM~ /  Friday 20:10PM~

Intermediate class(4-10years) …..Sunday 13:00PM~ /  Monday 20:10PM~ /  Tuesday 14:00PM~ /  Saturday 12:30PM~

Advance class(6years~) ….Sunday 14:00PM~ /  Thursday 19:00PM~(Tihai & Tukda) /  Friday 21:30PM~(Teiz aamad, talana) /  Saturday 11:15AM~(Tihai)

lesson language; Japanese, English


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