2004/02~ Romeo&Julietに出演しました


「The Hindu」紙

“Shakespeare’s Immortal Romeo & Juliet presented in Kathak idiom by Kalashram at the Kamani, was all it promissed to be.

In realisation of a life-long dream, Saswati Sen’s outstanding choreography, brought alive the doomed love between son and daughter of two warring factions. In group designing of scenes of market cacophony or ballroom celebration, in quality of dancing, in magnificent set designing by Anup Giri, and in smooth intereweaving of Birju Maharaji’s music with the modern Western tones of Louis Banks’ music and in never allowing tempo to slacken, the production left little to be desired.

Deepak as Romeo and Saswati as Juliet combined well. As the nurse Masako sato stole all hearts. Sudipto as Tybalt was good.”

— Leela Venkataraman

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